One of the newest hearths, quiet and away from the noise and crowd of Istanbul, is BAR-B-QUE barbecue ...
A unique authentic place where in a short time, your will be addicted. This extraordinary place where you welcome your guests on special occasions Your can share our daily fresh meat varieties with your loved ones.

Your meat , Your unique with nature and peace of mind accompanied,  
Whether you like it yourself or our service, it's hazelnut shell fever It with great quality Enjoy cooking.

You will never forget the taste of delicious delicacies prepared by our chef at the same time.

In this unique authentic environment of calm and serenity you will come to the BAR-B-QUE barbecue where you can taste raki and wine.
Enjoy this unique authentic atmosphere of calm and serenity with raki and wine You will arrive  of course in the BAR-B-QUE MANGALBASI.

Stuck in the concrete buildings Istanbul residents,In our garden in spring and summer to welcome you in the peace and quiet of nature,In the winter months we are always at your service with our in the warm fireplace hookah and hot wine and our best drinks.